About College Access Now:

College Access Now (CAN) is a non-profit, community organization that supports students at Seattle, Highline, Renton, and Federal Way public high schools and in various colleges across the country. Our mission is to empower students from low-income families to access, enroll, and graduate from college at rates equal to their more advantaged peers.

At Franklin, our AmeriCorps team serves over 300 students in grades 11 and 12 through intensive coaching and after-school sessions. Most students in our program will be the first in their families to attend college. While this is very exciting for many students, the process of preparing for and applying to college can also be challenging. CAN breaks down the process into manageable steps to ensure that all students have the benefit of a knowledgeable and supportive coach as they navigate tests, essays, transcripts, resumes, applications, decisions, expenses, and other hurdles on their path to college graduation.

Joining CAN is cost-free! We primarily serve students who have and maintain a GPA above 2.0 and who qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch. BUT, our CAN AmeriCorps coaches are happy to help all students in any way they can to ensure student success.

About Nadine:

Hey y’all! My name is Nadine Philp and I’m an AmeriCorps College Coach with CAN at Franklin High School. This year has been my first with the program, and I’m excited to return for the 2017-18 school year to see my students graduate.

I joined CAN because I’m passionate about accessible education and social justice issues. My goal is to one day be a facilitator for youth programs that focus on empowerment and social activism. After that, I’d like to explore education consulting, or become a professor.

Some fun facts about me:

  • I graduated from The Evergreen State College with my Bachelor of Arts in Social Science, class of ’16
  • Seattle is my hometown–206 represent!!
  • Hobbies: Acro-yoga, drawing/painting, writing, singing, guitar/ukulele, video games, netflix
  • One of my favorite programs in college was called Art, Resistance, and Counter-Narratives in India. It combined traditional Odissi dance theater with political economics and intersectional feminist theory, which pretty well represents the kind of learning experiences I had as an Evergreen student 🙂